2020 - Online Edition

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October 30th to November 1st

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  • Emmanuel Bilodeau

    “This year, everything is shaken down and our environmental convictions now face a global pandemic, postponing all our plans to later. I thus wish to tackle environmental issues because they go far beyond a simple virus, despite how devastating it may be. We have to think about tomorrow, about our children and their descendants. The Zero Waste Festival promotes a healthy living based on the zero waste journey and encourages us to leave the smallest ecological footprint behind. Just like when going camping!"

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  • Our Program

    Whether you are a beginner or a specialist, the Zero Waste Festival is intended for all those who are willing to improve their environmental efforts. Gathered here are some local exhibitors from Quebec, who carry the zero waste banner loud and proud. Explore their products, enjoy their exclusive Festival promo code and do not hesitate to contact them with your questions. They are here to help. Enjoy your visit!

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  • Become a member of the Quebec Zero Waste Association

    Solely during the Zero Waste Festival, take advantage of a discount on the membership for the Quebec Zero Waste Association. Take advantage of discounts on our workshops, conferences, and even with our partners for only 15$ per year. Support us on our zero waste awareness activities and gives us a little loving.

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Explore our online program of conferences and workshops.  Our workshops will cover a variety of DIY techniques, including  making your own menstrual panties, building a foosball table and renovating your furniture. We have something for everyone! Also, take a tour of our large online fair of local exhibitors! Their products will make your transition to zero waste easier. Enjoy the Festival!

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Whether you are curious about learning the zero waste way to renovations, deepening your knowledge of environment versus economics, talking about the benefits of slow living, or listening to a conference on ecofeminism in a context of climate change, you should not need much convincing to dig into our zero waste events. We even have workshops and panels broadcasted LIVE! You certainly don’t want to miss it!

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What is the Zero Waste Festival

The Zero Waste Festival explores various subjects surrounding the zero waste movement such as responsible consumption, waste management, minimalism, ecology and other topics through a program of conferences, panels, and workshops. The Festival also hosts an exhibitors fair and displays a zero waste model apartment. The Festival aims to inform, educate, and offer various eco options to the festival-goers, whether they are advanced or beginners in the zero waste journey. The purpose of the Festival is to demonstrate that we can all play a role in this change for a better world, one step at a time.

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Get involved with the Zero Waste Festival

Are you interested in getting involved with the Festival? We’re always looking for new volunteers, exhibitors or even partners. We’re looking forward to working with you!

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About the Zero Waste Festival

How was the Festival created? Three years ago, a hard-working team of committed citizens working for the Quebec Zero Waste Association brought this idea to life! The first edition dates back to 2017 and was a tremendous success, attracting 7,000 visitors!

Our Story

The Zero Waste Festival
is organized by the
Quebec Zero Waste Association (QZWA)

Our mission? To raise awareness and inspire citizens, governments, businesses, and local groups to the many benefits of the zero waste journey for the environment, health, and the Quebec society. The Association provides the tools and knowledge to guide and initiate change.