Awards and

Even though the Quebec Zero Waste Association (QZWA) has many years of existence, everyone was walking about it when she started. All that due to her innovative vision and position aimed toward human development. Her awards make the team of volunteers so proud to be connected with the Association.

Le grand vivat

Les Vivats 2020

The Zero Waste Festival 2019 won the highest distinction of the Gala Les Vivats 2020 organized by the Quebec Council of Eco-responsible Events (CQEER) : Le Grand Vivat.

This award recognizes the excellence of the work of an event organizer for all of the responsible choices made when preparing for an event. The measures must have positive repercussions at the environmental, economic, and social levels.

The Festival was also a finalist in the “Responsible management of residual materials” categories which rewards an organization that has managed to responsibly manage residual materials at the site of its event and “Prevention and reduction at source” which rewards an organization that has known how to plan its purchases and practices to reduce the residual materials produced on the site of its event.

Quebec Tomorrow Prize, David Suzuki Foundation

The Zero Waste Festival (2nd edition) was honored with the ” Tomorrow the Quebec” prize from the David Suzuki Foundation. This award aims to highlight the importance of environmental civilian initiatives. This distinction is accompanied by the visit of David Suzuki and a reward of $ 4,000.

The awards ceremony took place on June 12, 2019, in Quebec City during the Trashtag challenge with David Suzuki, organized by the David Suzuki Foundation. The QZWA promoted their zero waste apartment for the occasion.

The Vivats

On October 29, 2018, the Zero Waste Festival (second edition) received a double award at the Gala Les Vivat’s 2018 as a winner of the “Prevention and reduction at source” and “Audience Award” category. This annual gala, organized by the Conseil québécois des événements écoresponsables (CQEER) highlights the exemplary character of Festivals with waste management.

GRAMiE’S Gala in environment

On March 15, 2018, the 5th edition of the GRAMiE’s Gala organized by the Group for Applied Research in Macroecology (GRAME) took place. The Zero Waste Festival team (1st edition) was proud to be among the 11 finalists selected by this jury.

David Suzuki Action Award

On November 24 2017, the Zero Waste Festival (1st edition) was named among the finalists for the David Suzuki Action Prize, which highlights ecological projects intended for citizens and organizations. More than 160 inspiring projects submitted to the David Suzuki Foundation. The 2017 Zero Waste Festival team is proud to be among the ten finalists selected by the jury.

Tonik contest

On April 26, 2017, thanks to a public vote, QZWA won the Tonik Competition for its project : the Zero Waste Festival. At the end of this competition, the team worked with Tonik to create a new website for the Festival valued at $ 8,000.