A virtual Festival is not safe from pollution, even if it's digital. Each year, we aim at limiting our footprint with the production of our environmental charter. Each exhibitors collaborating with also have to sign it, promising to do its part.


We are classified level 4 according to the responsible event management standard (BNQ 9700-253) given by the Reseau des femmes en environnement, which oversees the Conseil québécois des évènements écoresponsables (CQEER). This certification was obtained for the 2019 and 2020 Zero Waste Festival and also includes our digital compensation for this year’s virtual edition, for which we proudly offset all of our GHG emissions.

I Commit to Reducing My Environmental Impact

We want our exhibitors and suppliers to make sure to generate as little waste as possible during the production, transportation, and sale of their goods. For example : not buying cardboard boxes for the transportation of merchandise.

I Consent to Limit My Digital Pollution

before and during the Festival. For example : cleaning up my e-mail inbox or closing my webcam when it is not necessary. Besides, the Festival undertakes to compensate for the GHG related to the digital pollution generated during the Festival. Please see our tips below.

I Agree to Sort My Waste

even from a distance, during the Festival. The exhibitor or the supplier agrees to follow the logic of “refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot” and therefore to reduce to a minimum the products and waste he will generate.

I Favor Eco-Responsible Transportation to Deliver My Product

The exhibitor or the supplier shall offer responsible delivery modes (i.e. by bike) or will compensate its greenhouse gases*, to the extent possible. If do you use a car, we invite you to pick electrical vehicles and/or to group your deliveries with other exhibitors

I Reduce My Production and/or Consumption of Packaging

during the deliveries. The exhibitor undertakes to use eco-responsible packaging. We recommend prioritizing durable solutions (i.e. a deposit system) before thinking about biodegradable containers.

I Adapt My Communication Tools

To reduce paper waste, the exhibitor or the supplier shall adopt its communication tools by prioritizing digital tools. He or she shall avoid using flyers, or shall produce the same in limited quantities, on recyclable or biodegradable support.

Prioritize to a Maximal Extent Organic and Local Products and Vegetarian Options

To offer the festival-goers products respectful of the environment, we undertake to prioritize suppliers that offer a maximum of organic products or products from sustainable agriculture.

I Am Myself an Example as an Individual

Use of a reusable water bottle. *You can also compensate your transportation or digital pollution by consulting Carbon Boréale, or other similar websites.

Why Limit My
Digital Consumption?

  • Half of the greenhouse gases generated by the internet comes from users, the other half divided between the network and datacenters. / Videoconferences use a large quantity of bandwidth.
  • Turning on the camera during a virtual meeting requires 1000 times more energy than without a camera.
  • 1 minute of videoconference amounts to an equivalent of 16g of CO2.
  • A 1-minute phone call or one text message amounts to an equivalent of 0.01g of CO2 (100 times less than an email).
  • 30 deleted emails equal 24 hours of energy on a low consumption bulb.
  • 1 average email or 1 instant message amounts to an equivalent of 4g of CO2.
  • An email with attachment between 19g (1 Mo) and 126g (10 Mo).
  • Query via a search engine 5kg equals CO2/year

How to Limit My Digital Pollution?

Browsing The Internet

  • Directly enter a website address instead of doing a query via a search engine
  • Use eco-responsible search engines (Ecosia or Lilo)
  • Avoid multiplying open windows

Compensate Your Emissions

  • Estimate the greenhouse gases produced and pay compensation to a licenced organization

Appliances Consumption

  • Activate the standby mode for absences longer than a few minutes
  • Turn off the computer for extended absences
  • Turn off or disconnect the power strip supplying electronic devices when they are not in use

During Verbal Exchanges With Your Team

  • Prioritize phone calls or text messages when possible and, if applicable, close the camera to a maximal extent *To be applied to the extent possible without affecting morale or team spirit.

Concerning The Use of Emails

  • Prioritize text messages
  • Delete emails regularly
  • Use a mailbox cleaner (Cleanfox for newsletters or the Outlook cleaner tool)
  • Reduce the email’s weight (reduce quantity and size of attachments or images)
  • Use links to the business’s network instead of attachments
  • Add an awareness notice in the signature
  • Prioritize archiving on a hard disk (instead of in the cloud)