Emmanuel Bilodeau, Zero Waste Festival's spokesperson

Zero waste for our little family is a challenge as big as respecting the Paris Agreement for humanity! It's challenging, but we're working hard to get there. We reach everyday improvements but sometimes relapse (especially me)! I aim at improving myself and inspiring my children and loved ones to reduce their food waste and overall consumerism habits.

Emmanuel Bilodeau

My Involvment

“This year, everything is shaken down and our environmental convictions now face a global pandemic, pushing all our plans to later. Hence, I wish to focus on environmental issues, that go far beyond a simple virus, despite how devastating it may be. We have to think about tomorrow, about our children and their descendants. The Zero Waste Festival promotes healthy living throughout the zero waste journey, leaving the smallest ecological footprint behind. Just like when camping!” – Emmanuel Bilodeau

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My favorite ZW item is the shampoo bar! It's so awesome, efficient and wonderful!

About Emmanuel

Former lawyer and journalist, Emmanuel Bilodeau became an actor, then a comedian and a host. Father of 4, he’s a joyful jack-of-all-trades who never hesitates to get involved for his community and to support social, environmental or artistic causes that are dear to him.