Atelier Entre-Peaux

The Laundry Room

L’Atelier Entre-Peaux is a Montreal eco-design business, specialized in the recuperation and reuse of advertising material. By distributing its pieces in many Quebec boutiques and by offering a corporate product service, l'Atelier Entre-Peaux recuperated approximately 13 tons of nonrecyclable advertising waste in the province. Their slogan is "A green step for you and WITH you!" Unique, local, eco-friendly, and zero waste pieces for all tastes.


Our History

With more than 20 years of experience in the fashion and corporate accessories business, Maude spent more than a decade as an eco-designer specialized in the recuperation of advertising banners. Passionate about the environment and hoping to make a difference, she achieved the exploit of diverting 13 tons of advertising waste from the landfill. She created l’Atelier Entre-Peaux in 2001. Her customers vary from Quebec design boutiques to various businesses and institutions that order corporate accessories. The Musée start Contemporain of Montreal and of Baie St-Paul’s boutiques as well as that of the McCord Museum, the Laval University, the City of Montreal and Trois-Rivières, the Ministry of Tourism, Desjardins, the Place des Arts… are only a few of the clients who have trusted her skills. Her ethics, her customer service, the quality of her work as well as meeting her deadlines have earned her a reputation in the corporate products field and the fashion accessories field. Maude Léonard followed training in leather goods, handcraft upholstery, and small business and e-commerce management.

Contact Information

69 Villeray
Montreal, Québec
H2R 1G2