Atelier Ventana

The Workshop

Atelier Ventana designs and produces utility objects using textiles that are at the end of their life cycle and coming from different activity sectors in the province. In a sustainable development approach, high-quality scraps are recycled, giving them a second life in the form of lunch bags, cosmetics bags or travel bags, an original and unique source of inspiration.

Made in the Montreal area, the models are unique and exclusive, because they frequently vary depending on the choices and availabilities of the textile scraps collected. Concerned with the reduction of our ecological footprint, Atelier Ventana wishes to encourage a healthy lifestyle according to the principles of zero waste.

Our History

Aware of the environmental, economic, and social impact of textile production of utility items that must travel thousands of kilometres before settling down in our daily life, Atelier Ventana wishes to participate in increasing the supply for eco-responsible products made in Quebec.

Based on the observation that massive quantities of high-quality textiles at the end of their life cycle are waiting in Quebec workshops with the risk of ending up in landfill, she started with enthusiasm to create lunch and cosmetics bags. Her professional career in communication and sustainable development, as well as her deep convictions for the reduction of our collective ecological footprint, oriented her decision to elaborate original products by valuing unused textile scraps, according to the circular economy model, mostly in the Montreal area.

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