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B Factory creates beeswax-based products for a sustainable and eco-friendly world. They offer food wrappers composed of beeswax since 2015 with certified biological materials. Discover their other interesting products such as utensil holders and sandwich wrappers - two options to contribute to the reduction of waste and to prevent the usage of single-use plastics.


Our History

The founder created B Factory to make products from beeswax and live sustainably and ecologically. “The inspiration for B Factory was a heartfelt desire to work with her hands and to create a world in harmony with nature for her children. The recipes contain only natural ingredients and are produced with a zero waste mindset. Beeswax is a stock that inspires her constantly. She never gets tired of the smell! With its antibacterial properties, it is the ideal ingredient in home and body care products. She loves to create items that are useful and beautiful at the same time. Simplicity. Utility. Durability. Elegance.

Contact Information

65, Sainte-Anne street
Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec
H9X 1L5




B factory
B factory
B factory
B factory