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Bellathletik is a Quebec company, that was just launched in the production of ecological products to support the zero waste movement and influencing all the steps in their development process. They offer soft, natural and effective products that will hold their promises. Bellathletik goal is to recycle, limiting their environmental footprint. Their first product was dehydrated shampoo. They use a selection of pure ingredients to stay within the lines of cruelty-free and safe for the environment. Soft for the skin and nature: these are the values of Bellathletik.


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Our History

Isabelle Bourbeau, alias Bellathletik has a caring character. She’s a girl, a woman, a sister, an aunt, a lover, a mother-in-law, an artist, a former yoga teacher, a metrologist, an entrepreneur and she’s happy.

She had an unconventional career path. Before focusing on meteorology, Isabelle was a colourist for a hairdressing salon. It is her fellow hairstylists that introduced her to this field and she fell in love completely. She then decided to pursue her studies as mechanical engineering.

At the age of 30, Isabelle took up aeronautics. She loves practical and concrete domains, as much being artistic and creative. Therefore she grew in the field of mechanical engineering working for companies such as TM4 / Dana, CAE, Bombardier and now Pratt & Whitney Canada. She considers herself lucky to be successful in various domains as they support her and allow her to evolve, to be more creative and now, to better her relationship with nature.

With age, certain problems appeared. She had to consult a dermatologist and discovered that she had to move towards softer and more natural products for her skin. The products offered by Bellathletik are natural and have been tested on her and her family.

Besides, Isabelle has the opportunity to research on the composition of packages to reduce their ecological footprint. Her philosophy: reduce, revalue, reuse, recycle or compost. The packaging used for the products are all chosen with this line of thought: her shampoos are sold in compostable micas and mailed in recyclable boxes. Bellathletik’s haircare line is presented in glass, wooden or metal containers.

Contact Information

5, rue Melançon
Saint-Constant, Québec
J5A 1S1