Vrac sur Roues

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Vrac sur Roues is a zero waste, online grocery store with bicycle delivery. You will find a wide variety of bulk products like dry goods, produce baskets, cleaning products, and much more! Pick the best time to receive your bicycle delivery and allow us the pleasure of transferring your order to your containers.


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Our History

Simon, when he turned 20, launched Bulk on wheels to solve a problem.

In 2017, when the zero waste movement was much smaller than today, he spoke of this wonderful movement to inspire people to reduce their waste. Many answered that zero waste was too complicated, that buying in bulk required a separate shopping trip as not all products could be found in zero waste grocery stores, making it impossible to complete their grocery in one outing. That’s when he got the idea of an online zero waste grocery store with delivery, removing this obstacle without compromising on the environment thanks to a CO2 free bicycle delivery.

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