Maison du développement durable

The Office

The MDD, the first LEED Platine NC building in Quebec, is an inspiring and innovative space where active participants in societal change meet. This space leads to ideas crossing, exchanges easing and action capacity strengthening. The MDD is decidedly part of Quebec's sustainable development movement. Sustainable development's exchanges, reflections, and innovations juncture, the MDD inspires citizens, experts, and elected people. It's building synergies between its members, tenants, civil society's groups, and citizens to support their actions' scope.


Our History

Eight engaged organizations in sustainable development’s promotion have united to create the MDD, a meeting’, exchanges’, reflections’, and innovations’ pole. Its mission is to inspire citizens, experts, and elected people and to build a synergy between its founding members, which are, Amnesty International, the CPE Le Petit réseau, the CRE-Montréal, ENvironnement JEUnesse, Équiterre, Option consumers, the RNCREQ and Vivre en Ville. The five floors building was erected after almost ten years of work, thanks to the willpower and mobilization of dedicated partners, who continue to unite vision, ideas, financing, and business networking. In today’s setting, where climatic, energetic and economical crises, the goals pursued by the MDD are set to build the future without mortgaging it, to maximize ecologically and environmentally-oriented organizations’ potential by cohabiting and by uniting resources, to be a pole for reflections, education, innovation and meetings about sustainable development, to offer citizens, businesses and governments new educational tools on sustainable development, and to suggest an ecological building research tool for Canadian researchers.

Contact Information

50, Sainte-Catherine West
Montréal, Québec
H2X 3V4

Administration : 514-394-1108

Location de salle : 514-394-1108 poste 3750