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DelycaStef, a Quebec company, transforms disposable household objects into reusable and washable articles by integrating day to day textiles like jeans pants, shirts, and sweaters, or organic fabric. The washable coloring book is without a doubt one of the star elements of the collection! Encourage the creative freedom of kids and let their imagination run free, then slip it all in the washing machine and, one load later, you are back with blank sheets, with no traces of the pretty marker colors used! Many other products are also offered on the company's web site : ultra-soft wipes, spongy kitchen towels, waxed wrap (also in a vegan version!), placemats, utensils pockets, snack bags, dryer balls, and other bulk bags will bring happiness to households giving themselves a zero waste objective.


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Our History

Do you know who’s behind DelycaStef?
Stéphanie Devaux is the proud owner of DelycaStef since April 2018.

Originally from France, her partner had always wanted to come and live in Quebec but, when he initially proposed to move, she was still pursuing her studies. One day, he asked her to marry him and their wedding gift was a 3 weeks trip to Quebec in February 2008.
They discovered a beautiful country, with warm and smiling people. On the plane back, they were both sad to return to France. By June 2009 they had moved to Quebec City. They got their first jobs, in event organization for Stephanie. They were blessed with two wonderful children.

Ever since she was a child, Stéphanie has been drawn to sewing and manual work. All her friends and family kept on asking her why she wasn’t living from her passion and starting a business. One day, she woke up, gathered her courage, and created DelycaStef.
She is certain that she can bring happiness, softness, and moments of exchange in your homes with her creations. Reducing waste is dear to her heart and there are many ways to get there.

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Quebec, Quebec



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