Eco Loco

The Kitchen

Eco Loco's first mission was in the garment industry. We get dressed every day, we can therefore have an important impact by making thoughtful and eco-friendly choices. This industry is actually the second most polluting one in the world. Also, from the beginning of the company, through the comments and discussions with Eco Loco's customers, a second concern came about; the use of disposable products being constantly discarded. These products fill our trash with overpackaging, single-use, non-recyclable, or non-compostable products.


Our History

It was initially the dream of Geneviève St-Amour, a trained environmentalist and mother of two. Environmentally conscious, it is with her children’s births that her desire to change things for the better took on a deeper meaning ; contributing to give and improve tools that help everyone lower their environmental footprint. Eco Loco is a mix of science and passion devoted to the environment.

Contact Information

1120, A Beaubien Est
Montreal, Quebec
H2S 1T5