Espace Organique

The Kitchen

Espace Organique sells organic products in bulk to prevent the use of disposable packaging. They offer a wide selection of food products, from nuts, flours, granolas, spices, teas, herbal teas, oils, vinegar and so much more. Espace Organique also offers a large variety of household and personal care product in bulk. They also have a section of the boutique that contains many eco-responsible accessories.

Their mission is to reduce environmental footprints by offering accessible and affordable options for healthy lifestyle habits. They want to help stimulate eco-responsible awareness, create a local network and make a difference for well-being and the environment.


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Our History

Espace Organique was born from Dominique and Renaud’s desire to feel represented by a brand, to have a place where to purchase affordable organic products, to limit their consumption of single-use packaging and where they could connect with the community of zero waste lovers who also want to consume differently and better.  And then it was born: Espace Organique. A little more than three years later, their dream came to life; a renowned Longueuil store in the heart of its community, for people and families wanting to consume locally and to preserve the well-being of the environment and their own.

Contact Information

369, rue St-Jean
Longueuil, Québec
J4H 2X7