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Flowerink is a Montreal-based company that focuses on eco-friendly office supplies and thank you cards. How can that be? All of her items are filled with wildflower or fresh herb seeds. You can feel the seeds under your fingers when touching the paper! Yes yes, you simply need to plant it and it will grow wonderful gifts. Pssst... The holiday collection is officially available. Get your hands on what's new before everyone else!


Our History

A creator and an ecologist since forever, Mélanie Girard-Brisson started Flowerink in 2017 to promote environmentally friendly stationery items. She always was a true lover of all stationery items, so she really wanted to create something she could share with the people that had the same passion. That’s the reason she decided to create greeting cards that were plantable and compostable. Further in the process, she decided to create other stationery items (coasters, banners, calendars…) Herbs are even a new thing you can get by planting a card from Flowerink.

Contact Information

Côte St-Paul, Montreal