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FoodHero allows heroes like you to reduce food waste and save money by purchasing food products still perfectly good but considered unsold by your local grocery store.

How? When food products still perfectly good are considered unsold by your local IGA or Metro, they appear, as if by magic, on FoodHero on sale at 30 to 60 % off.

Using FoodHero, you join a hero community and participate in the movement aiming to stem food waste in Canada. Download the application on the App Store or Play Store to see for yourself!

Save food. Save money. Become a FoodHero.


Promo Code

$ 5 discount for everyone who downloads the app and creates a new account. Valid only on their first FoodHero order!


Our History

It’s in March 2016, the day after the sale of his business that Jonathan Defoy – an entrepreneur from Saint-Romuald, on the south shore of Quebec and a graduate of Laval University with twenty years of experience in technology – had the idea to create FoodHero

“I had always told myself that, if I ever had to start something over, I would absolutely want it to have a social impact. It didn’t attract me to do business for business anymore. I needed the motivation to have a social impact and to solve real problems. I have always had an ecologic consciousness. One day, I saw a report on television about the magnitude of food waste. This is where the spark came from. This project idea not only matched my expertise but also matched everything I was looking for at that time.”

Contact Information

2200 Stanley, 3rd étage
Montreal, Québec
H3A 1R6