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Idoine is a biological, sustainable moringa oil-based and certified therapeutic-based botanical essence cosmetic brand. They want to offer natural and ethical cosmetics that not only work but also limit their ecological footprint. Their line of products are biological, 100% vegan and based off eco-conscious moringa oil and essential oils: zero waste, zero plastic, circular economy proud to be made, here, in Quebec.


Our History

Idoine was born of dreams and beliefs. The founder, Catherine Meunier, succeeded to put in this world perfectly adapted formulas for all skin types without having to use any harsh or harmful ingredients.

As a true anti-conformist of the cosmetics industry, she turned her back to the false advertising of miraculous brand marketed to seduce customers and chose to bet on high-quality ingredients. These are certified biological and 100% vegan. They are the reflection of Idoine’s environmental values, for the product as much as the container.

The bottles are made from reusable glass and once empty, they can be sent back to Idoine to refilled. All that thanks to a consigne program with their chain of partners and suppliers. The containers being bigger than usual and the absence of individual cardboard boxes for each bottle are other examples of Idoine’s commitments to the health of our planet.

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