Jeanguy Co.

The Kitchen

Do your part. In a world where time becomes more and more synonymous with rarity, it becomes difficult to have a moment to stop and to take a step back from our lifestyle. At Jeanguy, it’s this awareness that led to its creation. A desire for change, to do things differently, and to be able to offer people reusable alternatives to some of today's issues. Located in Montreal, the shop makes quality, esthetic, useful, reusable products, inspired by the best practice of zero waste. Jeanguy Co. seeks to replace many single-use products, as much at home as in the office or shops. They favorise a local and circular economy that benefits the local community through our production, the marketing of products as well as the materials chosen for the manufacture of these items.


Our History

Two humans, two generations, two different personalities, but a common good. The idea of Jeanguy started to germinate long before they cut their first pieces of tissue. It’s in October 2018 that the weight of their respective jobs was too heavy to carry. Heavy with nonsense, and having to keep turning a blind eye to a problem that was getting harder and harder to ignore. They dove headfirst to put their efforts and time into offering reusable and durable products to the community, valuing the long term, and allowing everyone to do their part in their own way, but above all, to start a reflection by promoting a more responsible lifestyle. It’s what makes Jeanguy Co.; the desire to start somewhere and to want to continue to always be able to do more. Colin is a trained artist and explorer in his spare time. He is passionate about food, forest products as well as everything related to the preservation of nature. Stéphane is a trained thanatologist, a former manager of funeral homes, and an outstanding self-taught carpenter in his spare time. He is the company’s benchmark in terms of production.

Contact Information

1700, rue Sherbrooke Est
Montréal, Québec
H2L 1M5