Mme & Co

The Kitchen / Children

Mme & Co is a Quebec company and brand who's mission is to fight disposable products by proposing durable and eco-friendly options. Their products cover everyone, from newborns to adults. They are the only brand offering such a wide variety of dependable products. Currently distributed in more than 100 locations worldwide, this brand has found its place amongst the elite group of certified and verified products. They are also proud members of the Quebec Zero Waste Association (QZWA) for more than 2 years.


Our History

Mostly known for their washable diapers and sanitary napkins for the last 3 years, they have recently broadened their product range to support more people who have a desire to transition toward zero waste with, amongst other things, kitchen and hygiene articles. The fight against disposable items is their drive and motivation, it is what they want to transmit to others by offering them all sorts of alternatives to facilitate their transition.

Contact Information

2412, Bourgogne
Chambly, Quebec
J3L 2A6