Mme L’Ovary

The Bathroom

Mme L’Ovary is a Quebec company founded in 2017 who is devoted to the conception, promotion, sale, and the distribution of period panties. Mme L’Ovary's mission is to provide support for women in their healthy and ecological menstrual cycle. They also wish to advocate for accessible support for health for women. Mme L'Ovary's educational program aims to positively promote awareness, to reconcile the relationship we have with our bodies and the earth.


Our History

“Everything started on a beach in Barcelona, the day where Olivia saw a beautiful fish floating away with a sanitary napkin. A feeling of loathing took over and was immediately followed by : “Something must be done! “”

Olivia is a circus artist and when on her periods, she needs effective protection for her intensive trainings and to support her during her performances on stage. She tried it all, but no ecological alternatives where sufficient. As a creator at heart, she decided to take on the challenge and to sue her period underwear. Three years later, when Oliva met Erica and showed her her creations and immediatly wanter a pair, she knew she’s found a conquering lead for women’s health.

Together, they started searching for that perfect design will the best combination of fabrics. Many samples later, the first model of period underpants for Mme L’Ovary was born. Understanding quickly that her sister, cousin, best friend and neighbor would need a pair too, the duo decided to take their production of panties to the next level. One sale led to another and with a successful crowdfunding campaign, their business expanded. The zero waste underwears of Mme L’Ovart are now worn by more than 13 000 women in all over Quebec, Canada, the States and even in Europe.”

Contact Information

102-6750 avenue de l'Esplanade, Montréal, Québec
H2V 4M1