The Workshop

Next offers reusable and adaptable gift packaging options made from recycled fabrics. So simple to use (no need for scissors or tape) they are well-made and locally crafted. Their goal is to preserve traditions and bring joy to all whilst being conscious of the environment. Their mission statement: reduce waste arising with the production and consumption of gifts. In order to do this, Next takes part in the circular economy: recovering materials left behind to manufacture theirs.


Our History

Next was founded in February 2020, by a group of contractors who always to make a difference for the environment. It all started when Maude realized that gift wrapping made of metallics and plastic papers we harmful for the earth. Many research later, she uncovered a problem: there are so few options for gift wraps on the market, and none are eco-friendly. The challenge was on: how to reduce waste, limit the ecological footprint for this product whilst protecting this precious tradition? The couple got inspired by a Japanese technique of wrapping gifts in silk: furoshiki. This method preserves the magic of unwrapping gifts but was missing the final touch: the bow. From there was born the Vice-VersaKIT, the original eco-responsible set to wrap presents!

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