OLA Bamboo

The Bathroom

OLA Bamboo offers a wide variety of eco-friendly products to replace everyday disposable ones, especially those made of plastic. Toothbrush, dental floss, washable makeup remover pads, reusable straws and utensils, deodorant, cotton swabs, etc.


Our History

The OLA Bamboo family is made of 3 young Canadian entrepreneurs, Jean-Philippe Bergeron, Simon-Pier Ouellet, and Vicky Jodry, who hoped to make a difference for the planet. Everyone knows that plastic causes disastrous environmental effects, more specifically on marine life. Internet and social media are filled with heartbreaking pictures showing the perverse effects of plastics once it makes its way in nature. What can we practically do to change this? This is where the idea took root.

Making a difference, it means starting with small actions. Their adventure began with the bamboo toothbrush as it is something we use in our everyday life and is (almost) always made of plastic. But they weren’t going to stop there! A ton of different utilitarian objects are disposable and pollute greatly, encouraging them to create their different eco-friendly products like reusable bamboo utensils and straws, washable makeup remover pads, eco-friendly dental floss, natural deodorant in a cardboard tube, and much more!

Contact Information

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100, rue Quesnel
Victoriaville, Québec
G6S 1K9

1400, rue J-B-Michaud, Porte 13
Drummondville, Québec
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