Oneka Elements

The Bathroom

At Oneka Elements, their two feet are on the ground, the ground of their farm. They are conscious of the forests, of nature, of streams around them they fiercely believe that minimizing our ecological footprint is possible. That is why Oneka has developed a full array of body care products that fulfill your needs without negatively affecting the environment, animals, or human beings. They have given themselves the task of offering to their clients natural and efficient products, composed of organic ingredients of the highest quality. The plants used in their own fields, so they know exactly goes into their products.

A bit intense? Maybe. Passionate? For sure.


Our History

Through Oneka, Philippe Choinière and Stacey Lecuyer wish to have a positive impact on people’s health and aquatic ecosystems. Before starting their business, Stacey had been struggling with eczema for more than twenty years and Philippe was allergic to synthetic perfumes since his youth. For these two people passionate about life, Oneka is a way to express their desire to make a positive change. It’s also a way to improve people’s lives by developing and producing all-natural body care products. Their organic farm follows the fundamental principles of permaculture. Adopting a completely natural approach, with a sensibility for Earth’s needs, and sustainable production. The foundation of permaculture is to create systems and methods which are permanently beneficial for the environment and society. Their farm tries to reach both. On the social plan, they are active and connected to their community and their region. On the environmental plan, they use their farm and harvest their plants in a way that will add to the ground and its ecosystems’ quality, instead of using all of them up and damaging them. All the plants grown are 100 % organic.

Contact Information

23, Rue Principal,
Frelighsburg, Québec
J0J 1C0