Pots Maison

The Kitchen

Pots Maison offers prepared vegan and ecological dishes. The meal, snacks, and desserts are delivered in reusable glass jars with a deposit system.


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Our History

At the origin of the project Pots Maison, there are the findings that people are very busy and are many to consume ready-to-eat or fast-food that can have deleterious consequences on the environment and that the supply of environmentally friendly meals was virtually non-existent.

So, they decided to set up a catering service that answers exactly to the needs of workers and young families like them: convenient, reliable, yet without making any ecological compromises.

Now, it’s a team that cooks for their clients. This project allows to highlight the vegan and local alimentation which is associated with a healthy diet. The Pot Maison ready-to-eat service is based on the idea that many people are ready to change their consumption habits to reduce their ecological footprint.

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