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RoseCitron makes handmade affordable and brightly colored natural cosmetics, all while offering simple and efficient products so they're essential to our health and our environment. The ingredients, which use is maximized, come from biological agriculture and are sustainable and without animal cruelty. It's possible to get most of their products refilled at the participating points of sale.


Our History

In 2015, Roxanne, the founder, realizes that the cosmetics we have at home are neither very ecological, nor ethical or healthy. She decides to participate in a herbalism training to create her own cosmetics and recipes, to then start RoseCItron. In 2016, RoseCitron noticed that most of the waste in bathrooms are cosmetics and it develops then the first concept of cosmetics in bulk: you can refill your toothpaste, your deodorant, and your face cream.

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Rose Citron
Rose Citron