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This online shop regroups environmentally-friendly products from different local companies. They also offer all the essentials for low footprint impact periods, of various sizes for teenage girls and women of all ages, was added to the online store for its ecological, convenient, sustainable, and comfortable aspects. You will find washable period panties (very simple and comfortable), reusable pads, and pantiliners in different styles, corresponding to each menstrual flows, small and large, waterproof transport bags (wet-bags) to avoid using plastic bags and spare linen. Furthermore, the shop has “transportation kits” designed to help you carry these items according to your needs and your taste!


Promo Code

10% discount on their first purchase to be used within 6 months of the start of the festival


Our History

Everything started with a question! When Maliki gets her periods, which hygienic products will she choose? What will she use to carry her washable panties? If she has her period unexpectedly, what will she use? How will all this keep her from feeling confident and comfortable?

Not a big fan of online shopping, she started looking for an online shop that would bring together many companies from Quebec that would offer only eco-responsible items for menstruations.

She first started looking for businesses that met basic criteria: it had to be a local business, to offer zero waste products, and to share a similar vision about the importance of reducing our impact on the environment. She then approached her wonderful seamstress friend who created different formats of transportation kits designed to carry the hygienic items. And there it was, a few months later, she’s participating in the Zero Waste Festival with pride! Yay!

Contact Information

407, rang st-amable,
St-Barnabé-Sud, Québec
J0H 1G0




Ta grand-mère approuve
Ta grand-mère approuve
Ta grand-mère approuve
Ta grand-mère approuve