La fabrik éco.

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Fabrik Éco is a Quebec-based business that builds eco-friendly products and founded by two sisters who joined their forces on this zero waste project. For them, limiting your ecological footprint is essential. Therefore they offer a line eco-friendly products, locally made and so pretty.


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Our History

It all started 5 years ago when she fully grasped the ways of consumerism and aimed at a zero waste lifestyle : considerably limiting her consumption of single-use plastic, she steered at buying in bulk for most of her needs, took only public transport, and so on! In the month of May, her sister, a sewing artist, offered her to start making reusable fabric bags. After some research, they ought to find any bags corresponding to their needs on the market: a minimalist design, simple, solid, etc. By the end of summer in 2016, “La Frabik Éco” was born with only a couple bags done and their strong will to make this work. The month after their launch generated lots of stress and issues: the orders were piling up!

Fabrik Éco has been running as a striving business for almost 5 years now and the owners, Camélia and her sister, are having lots of fun. This project is one of many their manage and as long as they maintain this positive impact on the environment, the people that buy their bags, and the community in which they grow, it’s all that matters!

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Montreal, Québec



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