Le Réseau des femmes en environnement

The Office

The RQFE's mission is to create and promote innovative actions and to give a discussion space to women, so they can improve the environment, health, and well-being's quality. In twenty years of collaborations and work, the RQFE has acquired unique expertise in multiple active fields : environmental health, conscious consumption, eco-conscious workspace...In conformity with our mission our members' initiative, the RQFE offers, multiple times each year, different free or discounted activities, such as training, talks, and networking. If you would like to be alerted about our activities, we invite you to become a member.


Our History

The idea of creating the RQFE popped up at a conference in 1998 organized by the FCQGED, whose theme was: “The environment, the Saint-Laurent and women’ health”. This conference’s participants insisted on the importance of building a network for women in the environmental field to better inform the population on the relationship between environmental issues and women’s health. In 1999, about twenty women from diverse organizations would meet, this time, to discuss this relationship. A temporary administrative council was formed during this meeting. This council was particularly tasked with organizing a founding assembly on February 5, 2000. Since then, the RQFE has continued to develop and to evolve, all while respecting its engagement toward the mission that the founders had given themselves, twenty-one years ago. The numerous accomplishments reported and archived in the activities reports throughout general assemblies attest to the relevance and the importance of women’s prepared actions about the environment and sustainable development matters. The handled themes’ handled and its members’ involvement is the warranty for the environment health’s and well-being’s quality improvement.

Depuis, le Réseau continue de se développer et d’évoluer tout en respectant son engagement envers la mission que se sont donné ses membres fondatrices, il y a vingt et un ans. Les nombreuses réalisations relatées au fils des assemblées générales et consignées dans les rapports d’activités témoignent de la pertinence et de l’importance de l’action concertée des femmes sur les enjeux liés au développement durable et à l’environnement. La diversité des thématiques traitées et l’implication de ses membres actuelles sont une garantie pour l’amélioration de la qualité de l’environnement, de la santé et du bien-être.

Contact Information

The University of Quebec in Montreal
PO box 8888, Downtown
Montreal (Québec)
H3C 3P8 Canada

Pavillon sciences biologiques SB-1991
141, avenue du Président-Kennedy
Montréal (Québec) H2X 1Y4 Canada

514-987-3000 # 6684



Produits Réseau femmes environnement
Produits Réseau femmes environnement
Produits Réseau femmes environnement
Produits Réseau femmes environnement