The Kitchen

Umano is an importer and distributor of sustainable and biological products, in the majority. They collaborate with several food transformations or cosmetics businesses from Quebec ; these businesses create chocolates, nut butter, vinegar, soaps, and more from our raw materials. The array of products bind health, pleasure, and conscience. The assortment includes coffees, teas, spices, chocolates, shea butter, nuts, seeds, dry fruits, other ingredients used to cook, and products coming directly from African land. All the zero waste products are available on the online shop, thanks to a system, also with returnable reusable bags.


Promo Code

20% online discount on the following products: organic and fair trade cashew nuts in bulk (800 g), organic chocolate with vegetable milk and lemon (2 or 3 bars of 100 g), organic and fair trade dried mangoes (400 g or 1 kg), organic coconut milk powder (500 g or 2 kg)


Our History

Umano is a business established in Quebec in 2015. First a coffee-store in downtown Sherbrooke, the mission was to offer you delicious products grown in respect of the environment. The founder of Umano, Christian Guiollot, lives off fair trade for more than twenty years now. He’s indirect relationships with cooperatives and exporters from different countries in Africa, Asia, and South America. In the last year, the offer has changed and they now propose products only in bulk or in large quantities. Umano is proud to be a member of QZWA and to figure in the catalog of et Circuit zéro déchet. The majority of their products are certified biologically by Ecocert.

Contact Information

6943, Bourque boulevard,
Sherbrooke, Quebec
J1N 3K4

819 588-8588


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