We're always looking for new people to share our zero-waste passion with. Opportunities this way!

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Want to become a volunteer for the Festival? Since the help we’re getting is 99 % given off free-time, it’s everyone’s contribution that counts. Join our community of zero waste lovers!

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The Zero Waste Festival is one of a kind event. By becoming one of our partners, you contribute to its development, while also benefiting from several advantages for yourself, your brand, and your clients.

Partnering up with us is to…

  • Associate your brand to an event whose popularity has grown since its initial launch in 2017
  • Take part in zero waste community development by promoting access to eco-responsible initiatives, ideas, and knowledge that will help build the society of tomorrow
  • Benefit from a widow of promotion for your brand and products amongst our large passionate crowd of zero waste lovers. To grow, the Zero Waste Festival needs you : as a public or private partner, every bit of support is precious to us.

Please contact us for further questions and details about this program.

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Become a Member
of the Quebec Zero
Waste Association

The Quebec Zero Waste Association (QZWA) relies on their member’s support to guide the way and to ensure the well-defined course of their green actions. The financial donation of their members essentially maintains the association’s liveliness. And by giving their precious time, the members take pleasure in exclusive opportunities.

Who does my contribution go to?

Mostly, it covers administration fees, storage of promotional items, transportation charges when we visit schools, municipalities, and businesses with our zero waste educational program. It helps us develop efficient communication tools, host special events and so much more! We are so grateful for your support as it also helps our volunteers to give more time to the cause.

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