Introducing Zero Waste at School With a Zero Waste Teacher

by Kali-Anne Monneret, zero waste teacher

Sunday November 1 - 10:00 am

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With this conference, you will have the opportunity to learn a few tricks and project ideas that you will be able to apply in your class or, just as simply, in the comfort of your home!

A question period will be broadcast live on our Facebook page right after the conference!

About the speaker

Kali-Anne, a born Montrealer, studied preschool and elementary school teaching at the University of Sherbrooke and completed an internship in Santiago in Chile where she was offered a position in a French school. Her spirit of adventure and her ability to take on challenges inspired her to accept the position, 4 years ago. She still lives there today. She is passionate about the environment, nature, and travels ; the source of her expatriation. An innovator in pedagogy, she has implemented multiple projects in her school to motivate the adults of tomorrow, including introducing them to zero waste.