A Zero Waste Party, Yes, it’s Possible With Quebec Zero Waste Association

by Katrina Côté Girard, Quebec Zero Waste Association

Friday October 30 - 11:30 am

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Is it possible to organize zero waste events and family gatherings? Absolutely! Whether it is for decorations, waste management, gifts, or other ideas, discover 10 tips that will allow you to strive toward a zero waste event, no matter what you organize.

About the speaker

While she worked in Paris and managed to live uniquely from the content of her two suitcases, Katrina Côté Girard quickly realized that she needed very little to live and, most importantly, to be happy. This reflection led her toward the zero waste movement when she came back to Montreal. Co-founder of Montreal’s Zero Waste Festival, she actively contributed to the 2017 edition. Since she continues to be involved with the Quebec Zero Waste Association and to leverage every occasion to promote this lifestyle. She is the interim communication and planning director of Fondation de l’UQAM and acts as a member of the university’s eco-ambassadors network.