Autumn Introduction to Herbalism With Clotilde du Balai

by Alexandra Zawadzki-Turcotte, Clotilde du Balai

Saturday October 31 - 12:30 pm


$15 tx inc., member price

$20 tx inc., non-member price


Come familiarize yourself with the basics of contemporary herbalism, while adding a few tricks to your toolbox to be ready to face the coming winter! This workshop includes :

  • A theoretical part on the history of herbalism and its applications, as well as an overview of some plants’ properties and uses ;
  • A practical part, with a demonstration to learn how to make a homemade medicinal syrup.

About de l’animatrice

Having graduated in visual arts (college), in sociology and herbalism, Alexandra Zawadzki-Turcotte was first an activist and a political organizer. Then, through her academic journey, she focused on the intersection between historical epistemology of medicine and feminism, before she  finally got acquainted with herbalism. She is now interested in practicing and sharing her knowledge, thanks to her training, knowledge of medicinal plants, as well as transformation techniques. According to Alexandra, this practice is intertwined with her initial journey, in the sense that it is based on a feminist approach for the reappropriation of knowledge and expertise on bodies and healthcare. She started both her business, Clotilde du Balai – Herbalist products, and workshops in 2017.

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