Eco-Feminism and Zero Waste

by Amandine Gournay

Friday October 30 - 1:00 pm

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Women are, for the most part, responsible for households purchases and consumption trends. In this conference, we’ll explore the close relationship between feminism and ecology and why we must correspond to certain questions in order to have zero waste take part in a liberation process and not become an oppressive lifestyle. Surely, the ways in which we tackle climate change (politically, collectively or individually with zero waste as an example)have to integrate a gender dimension to be effective, sustainable and to avoid increasing the inequality gap. Given its time-consuming nature, zero waste could represent an additional mental weight and commit women actively supporting an ecological transition to household chores.

About the speaker

Amandine Gournay has a master’s degree in environmental management and applied politics from the University of Sherbrooke. She published her essay, “Eco-feminism and first nation’s voices: perspectives in a context of climate change adaptation” where she hoped to :

  • Demonstrate the potential contributions of eco-feminism in a context of climate change adaptation ;
  • Analyze the role of women in search of a solution to the climate crisis ;
  • Demonstrate and explore the link that exists between gender and climate, by paying particular attention to the first nation’s context in Canada ;
  • Present concrete examples of protests initiated by women regarding environmental issues.