Embroidery For Relaxation with Mamie Lisette

by Annie-Kim Rainville and Rachel Dubé-Barette from Mamie Lisette

Sunday November 1 - 5:00 pm


$15 tx inc., member price

$20 tx inc., non-member price


Mamie Lisette wants to combine her values to the Festival in an activity promoting slow living. Come and learn to embroider a piece of fabric of your choosing, as long as it’s recycled! It could be a reusable bag that needs a little love, a sweater that has seen better days, a pair of pants with a nasty stain; it doesn’t matter! What’s important is to that you give a second life to a piece of fabric! Come and take the time to take your time!

What you’ll need for the workshop:

  • A piece of fabric of your choice, ideally in a pale colour
  • DMC embroidery thread of 4 different colours; a shade of green, a shade of blue, a shade of yellow and some black
  • An embroidery circle, we propose a 4″ one as the pattern is small, but any size can work
  • Scissors, a pencil, and a sheet of pap

About the speakers

Annie-Kim is a spontaneous, self-thought embroiderer. Slow living is important for her and is in line with the calm and meditative state embroidery provides her. She enjoys many other crafts arts like paper making, knitting, and artisanal tattoos. She is inspired by slow living, degrowth, and minimalist philosophies.

Rachel has been practising embroidery since the age of 8, thanks to her mother who gave her this precious passion. She joined Mamie Lisette about 2 years ago when Anne-Lise, the founder, came to her embroidery club, “Les Brodeuses Québécoises”. She inspired them to spread their knowledge to younger generations, helping them to take it easy. Being a childhood educator for years, Rachel couldn’t resist. Her absolute love for children, her patience and her talent made her an indispensable addition to Mamie Lisette.”