Extend The Life of Your Computer With Insertech

by François Boulais, Insertech

Saturday October 31 - 5:30 pm


$15 tx inc., member price

$20 tx inc., non-member price


In this era of overconsumption and wasting, you want to reduce your consumption of electronic devices’ impact and diminish your ecological footprint. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to make your PC’s life last longer by following the tricks and advice of Insertech, experts in computer repair.

This workshop is given on Windows 10.

About the speaker

An employee at Insertech for almost 15 years now, François Boulais is overly passionate about technologies. He loves sharing his passion and his knowledge through the workshops and the training he’s giving as a user trainer. Very good communicator and popularizer, he specializes in initiating users to computer devices, thirsty for learning!

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