Health and Zero Waste

by Aurore Courtieux-Boinot, Jérôme Cliche, Nathalie Robitaille and Marc-André Mailhot

Saturday October 31 - 11:00 am

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The pandemic triggered many environmental fears around the world. Several questions have emerged, mostly on how to avoid disposable packaging, promote reusable models and to choose bulk whilst respecting health measures in this crisis? Humans have great resilience and can accommodate any changes, but patience here is key when in time of crisis, insecurities may boil over. How to respect environmental values and be mindful?

This panel aims at explaining the environmental issues linked to the realm of health, that has to be impeccable these days. You will be able to understand how citizens can do their part to respect the new health measures and still be zero waste and what are the consequences of COVID-19 on the environment.

About the speakers

Guest: Jérôme Cliche has been working in the field of prevention and health management of residual waste for the past twenty years. He is trained in biological science from the University of Montreal, has a bachelor’s degree in consumption science from the University of Laval and a master’s degree in environmental science from the Univeristé du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). Contracted by RECYC-QUÉBEC since 2003, Mr Cliche has, amongst other things, joined in the deployment of different programs like « Ici on recycle+ ». He is also the resident expert in the residual textile valorization sector and waste reduction at the source.

Guest: Member of the Synergie Santé Environnement (SSE) board of director since its inauguration in 2007, Nathalie became a senior consultant with SSE in 2011. In 2015, she became general associate director and finally, general director in 2019. SSEs mission is to support health and social services institutions in their environmental footprint reduction and in the development of its impact on health. For the last nine years, she has guided several institutions in their efforts and completed, with a participative approach, many innovative projects. Trained respiratory therapist, Nathalie has been working at the Saint-Luc hospital of the University of Montreal Hospital Centre (CHUM) for the last 23 years and where she covered various departments. She recently came back to practising, in support of her colleagues from the Notre-Dame hospital in their fight against COVID-19. She is on her way to complete a master’s degree in environmental sciences at UQAM’s Environmental Sciences Institute and has been socially engaged for more than 30 years with non-profit organizations in the health and environment fields.

Guest: A pharmacist with a solid background of experiences in over 150 pharmacies all across Quebec, Marc-André Mailhot is also a graduate in project management, sales advisory and in entrepreneurship. He holds LEED® Green Associate credentials and was trained by the Honorable Al Gore as a speaker for the Climate Reality Project. He also launched Maillon Vert back in 2012, with the mission to share powerful strategies and useful tools in order to help everyone to better reach positive results. More than twenty thousand hours under his belt of research and development hours to determine the outcomes for sustainability, the Maillon Vert team completed many Quebec and international mandates, supporting small businesses, like small neighbourhood pharmacies as much as major well-known organizations like L’Oréal. Recently, with the help of the Quebec Zero Waste Association, Maillon Vert has launched its “Go Zero Waste” solution and wants to promote it’s accessibility, especially to pharmacies.

Moderator: Gabrielle Lamontagne-Hallé is a journalist trained in environmental and food concerns. She has been acting as an environment advisor for colleges for a number of years and for various communicational projects that give a voice to innovation. True to her profession, she also entertained the television magazine “UniVERT urbain” on Canal Savoir and last summer, was a commentator at the “Dessine-moi un été” radio show, airing on ICI Première.