Homemade Cleaning Products With Mesure

by Charlotte Mommaton, Mesure

Saturday October 31 - 10:00 am

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What makes industrial home cleaning products harmful? What solutions can we easily deploy to limit their impact on our health and the environment? This is what we’ll explore in this mini-conference presented by Charlotte from Mesure.cc!

A question period will be broadcast live on our Facebook page right after the conference!

About the speaker

Charlotte is Mesure.cc’s co-founder. Looking for purpose in her work, with the objective of creating a positive impact on her community and the environment, she chose a few years ago, to re-orient her career, moving from the aerospace industry, initially to ecological retail, to finally create Mesure, at the end of 2019 with the help of her friend Agathe Lehel. Mesure.cc is an enterprise that proposes solutions to find healthy and ecological habits at home, by making yourself home cleaning products using biodegradable ingredients and minimalist recipes. She hopes to make the information available and propose concrete, simple and economical solutions to change your habits for the best!