Make Your Own Seed Paper With Flowerink

by Mélanie Girard-Brisson, Flowerink

Friday October 30 - 2:00 pm


$15 tx inc., member price

$20 tx inc., non-member price


Join us to create your own seed paper! Simple, eco-conscious, and homemade, you will be given tips and advice to make quality paper and become a master when comes the time to plant it all along with this workshop. You will be able to use the paper you created to make greeting cards, bookmarks, small decorations, and why not the grocery list too?

Stuff you might need :

  • A mixer ;
  • All kinds of paper (leftovers) ;
  • Seeds ;
  • A strainer ;
  • A sponge or a sieve ;
  • A big piece of fabric (ex: a washcloth).

About de l’animatrice

Mélanie Girard-Brisson, FlowerInk’s founder and illustrator, has always been interested in stationery items. Younger, she would make all kinds of pencils and organize them by colour and style. She always has been mesmerized by fashion and organization products, and by how we could mix these two things to create the perfect agenda. Forever on a quest for new adventures, she moved to Vancouver. Missing her friends and her family too much, she started making her own wish cards to send to her loved ones on the other side of the country. Each wish card would be full of love and always meant something. She’s now back in Montreal and ready to share her passion with all of us. Because she wanted to and to make FlowerInk grow, Mélanie recently finished her master’s degree in management and sustainable development.

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