Adopt Slow Fashion With Zero Waste Project

by Anjelika Jangazina, Zero Waste Project

Friday October 30 - 4:15 pm

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Did you know that the fashion industry pollutes more than the petroleum one? Anjelika didn’t either but, for a few years now, she has become addicted to slow fashion. She will share her tips and tricks, her favorite spots for a new wardrobe that won’t break your bank and will help you save the planet!

About the speaker

Anjelika Jangazina, the founder of the Zero Déchet cooking classes, is passionate about the environment, yoga, and slow fashion. She is always looking for solutions to make her lifestyle healthier and more sustainable. Following numerous trips, including an internship in Indonesia (eco-tourism) and Japan (e-commerce), Anjelika realized that nutrition was a problem in Canada and that prompt action was required to solve the issue, both from a health and environment standpoints. By inspiring herself from the Japanese culture, she created a project that will allow everyone to discover the health virtues of cooking but also the advantages of a zero waste lifestyle.