The Eternal Dilemma between Degrowth and Green Growth!

by Éric Ménard, Ambre Fournier, Yves-Marie Abraham, Lucie Sauvé and Saad Sebti

Saturday October 31 - 1:21 am

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The Earth and its resources are not infinite; we must therefore stop thinking from a consumerism model that grows continually! Have you ever heard of the concept of a circular economy? ”Growing towards more sustainable patterns, with no sacrifice to the market economy, whilst reducing our carbon footprint, pollution, waste or by extending the lifespan of products? Indeed, it is silly to think that the emergency prevails within the economy and that the environment will suffer the consequences regardless of the decisions exerted for the financial sector; they are intertwined. Some see degrowth as the only alternative to saving our biodiversity and others speak more of green growth.

We invite you to come and redefine all these concepts to understand how it is possible to apply them to our society, or what are its limits for the economic system?

About the speakers

Guest: Involved in the field of degrowth, Ambre Fourrier is interested in political and social economics. She based her thesis on basic income as part of her master’s degree in social innovation management at HEC Montreal; giving grounds to the publication by Écosociété of its first essay: “The basic income in question”. From negative tax to transitional interest. After working for the community sector with disabled people, she is presently a doctoral applicant in sociology. She wishes to pursue her research on two themes: “work” and “degrowth”.

Guest: Yves-Marie Abraham is a professor at HEC Montreal, where he teaches the sociology of economics and conducts research on degrowth. After co-editing the publication of “Décroissance versus durable development: debates for the rest of the world (2011) and of digging up to where?” and “Extractivism and Limits to Growth (2015)”, he published last year at Écosociété, a personal review on degrowth: “Guérir du mal de l’infini”. He is also co-responsible for the specialization in social innovation management within the Masters at HEC Montreal, where he’s been giving a course on “sustainable degrowth” since 2013.

Guest: Lucie Sauvé is a professor in the didactics department of the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM). She founded and directed (2012-2020) the Center for Research in Education and Training Relating to the Environment and Ecocitizenship (Centr’ERE), of which she is now a member of the Management Committee as an emeritus researcher. She is also a member of the Institute of Environmental Sciences at UQAM. She directs the international journal Environmental Education: “Regards, Recherches, Réflexions”. Since 2011, she has coordinated the Scientific Collective on the issue of shale gas and energy issues in Quebec. Her professional experience originates from 20 years of international cooperation in Latin America (AUCC and CIDA Award). Lucie Sauvé also won the Recognition Award from ADEREQ (2009) and the Research Career Award from the Faculty of Education at UQAM (2016). In 2015, the Universidad Veracruzana (Mexico) awarded her as an honorary doctorate.

Guest: Passionate about technology and sustainability, Saad “found his sweet spot” by joining INSERTECH in 2012 as a marketing and development coordinator. This non-profit organisation trains and prepares struggling young adults who repair donated computers by large companies for future jobs. More than a simple computer store, INSERTECH also offers the community a complete computer service centre: sales of reconditioned equipment, repairs, training courses, tools and free workshops. Reusing old electronics, by extending their lifespan, generates many positive impacts: employment of young people, accessible and affordable technology communities, limits unnecessary pollution (extractions and manufactured devices) and techno waste. This model is part of the circular economy movement that benefits both the climate and society. Saad’s role is to promote INSERTECH’s activities, to manage partnerships with contributors of electronics, and to raise public awareness of the importance of the hierarchy of the “3R”(Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ).

Moderator: Éric Ménard, expert and leader in the fight against food waste and ethically-responsible consumption. Researcher, speaker and blogger. Founder and coordinator of RÉGAL – Network against food waste.