Zero Waste 101 (English)

by Geneviève Griffin, Quebec Zero Waste Association

Friday October 30 - 9:45 am

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*This conference is also available in french, at 9:15 am.

With its recent gain in popularity, the zero-waste movement is now reaching an ever-growing amount of supporters. But how did this lifestyle came to be? What are its principles and intentions? What are the starting grounds for a zero waste journey? This conference will answer these questions. With this introduction to zero waste,  you will understand the key elements for a transition towards a zero waste lifestyle, which will make it easier for you to integrate into your everyday life.

About the speaker

Geneviève began to take an interest in the zero waste movement back in 2016. Since then, she has tried in her own way to reduce her environmental impact and to adopt a more responsible lifestyle, both ecologically and socially. To do this, she uses all kinds of techniques, but always with ease and without the guilty feeling. Whether it’s for the creation of bulk bags or other objects made from recycled fabrics, eco-friendly workshops with friends, trade of zero waste dishes for homemade cosmetics, canning of seasonal foods; all excuses are good to go one step further for the planet while having fun! She has been a volunteer for the QZWA since 2018.

Meet Geneviève Griffin

Geneviève Griffin