Zero Waste Cooking With Cuisine Zéro-Déchet

by Anjelika Jangazina et Sonia Gourraud, Cuisine Zéro-Déchet

Sunday November 1 - 1:00 pm


$15 tx inc., member price

$20 tx inc., non-member price


During the workshop about zero waste cooking, you will learn to make more out of each ingredient you have in your kitchen. You’ll also learn to better manage what’s in your fridge, your grocery list, and your purchases in order to reduce what goes to waste in your kitchen. All this while cooking simple and delicious seasonal recipes and saving money. This workshop is for the entire family and chefs at all levels, even beginners.

The two recipes for this workshop: a cauliflower gratin with a bechamel sauce and some banana and pecan muffins.

About the speakers

Anjelika Jangazina, the founder of Zero-Waste Cooking classes, is passionate about the environment, yoga, and slow fashion. She’s always looking for ways to make her lifestyle healthier and more respectful of nature. After several trips but also internships in Indonesia (ecotourism) and in Japan (e-commerce), Anjelika realized that food was a source of real issues in Canada and that we needed to act quickly to fix these issues, as well for the sake of our health than for our environment. Getting inspiration from Japanese lifestyle and education, she built a project that will allow everyone to discover cooking’s positive advantages for their health, but also the good in a zero waste lifestyle.

Sonia Gourraud has been zero-waste for two years now and she’s always been conscious of the environment, but her several trips have shaped her vision of an eco-friendly world. As a dumpster diver, she tries to inspire the people around her by doing workshops about cosmetics, cleaning products, and cooking. As a nurse, she also created an Instagram page to share zero waste tricks. She’s always looking for ways to learn more and share her knowledge : she will share her tricks for cooking without wasting with you.

Meet the Team of Cuisine Zéro-Déchet