The Zero Waste Festival is one of the many projects of the Quebec Zero Waste Association. For its 4th edition, the programming will be 100% virtual, but in the past, this popular event attracted several thousand fans to the Marché Bonsecours.

History of the Festival

In October 2016, on the Plaza Saint-Hubert, a gathering of Quebec activists for a zero waste lifestyle took place. In the end, a mighty task force of people, inspired by a desire to take action and to expand the zero waste movement was launched. In December 2016, the team decided to drive the first Zero Waste Festival in Montreal. A lot has happened since; the Quebec Zero Waste Association (QZWA) was born in March 2017 and the first edition of the Zero Waste Festival, taking place in October 2017, was a complete hit! Today, the Association is expanding and leads various projects. What about the Festival? It has become a reference for the zero waste community in Quebec.

About the
Quebec Zero
Waste Association

The Quebec Zero Waste Association (QZWA) was founded on March 24, 2017, by a group of committed citizens sharing the common goal of reducing their waste and to promote their green actions on a global scale. The first mission of the QZWA's members is not only to manifest that it is possible to have both a positive impact, but also that change is more accessible than we think ; one small action and one trash at a time. Since October 2017, the Association gained momentum across the entire province through innovative projects and is now portrayed as a reference in the zero-waste community.



” Our vision is one of a world where each of us becomes aware of their consumption choices, their environmental impacts, and the need to take urgent action. A world where society’s main actors play their part and manage residual material beyond simply recycling and integrate a program to reduce the production of waste at the source. Where they too, strive to build a zero waste society. Together, we devote ourselves to a sustainable lifestyle and take responsibility for our environment and our health. “


The Quebec Zero Waste Association’s (QZWA) mission is to raise awareness and inspire citizens, governments, organisations and regional groups to the many benefits of the zero waste movement on the environment, health, and overall Quebec society. The Association cares about giving them the tools and motivating them to take action and become change agents.

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